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Founder: José Miguel Ortiz Rojas

Location: Cañas, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Founded in 2017 

Jose Miguel used to help his granpa with all the different jobs he had. He would hop on his grandfather´s pickup truck and help him sell oranges door to door. But what fascinated him the most was watching his grandfather making salt.

Neither of the grandfather’s children continued with the tradition of making salt, so when Jose Miguel was studying agronomy, he dedicated 3 full years to research, trial and error until he was able to come up with the perfect salt to launch his own business and continue his grandfather’s passion.

Salty Earth is not your regular salt: it is ocean salt from Nicoya Gulf, one of the only 5 Blue Zone places on Earth, famous for being home to people who live a healthy and long life. And the process of making Salty Earth is natural: wind, sun and a lot of care, so all nutrients are kept intact during the drying process.

 Best Seller:

  • Original BBQ Blue Sea Salt
  • Habanero Blue Sea Salt
  • Rosemary Blue Sea Salt