Selva Maya

Selva Maya

Founder: Gabriela Calderon

Location: Perez Zeledon, San Jose, Costa Rica

Founded in 2016

Gabriela has a degree as technician in agri-business. Back in 2010, she and her colleagues would be called to remove potentially dangerous beehives from neighboring houses. They would retrieve the beehives and put them back into nature. Eventually, they created an apiary to receive and guard all the beehives and at the same time, they started educating people in their town and neighboring areas on the importance of beehives so that they´d be treated with care and respect.

Because the apiary grew a lot throughout the years, Gabriela started taking courses on how to use honey to make cosmetics but found that most of these courses promoted the use of chemicals. Hence, she did research on her own and launched Selva Maya as a 100% natural cosmetics brand. The company uses endemic resources and national manual labor.

Selva Maya has also created a Sanctuary for Native Bees which hires 25 women of the Southern region of Costa Rica who learn about beehives and apiary care, as well as the production of cosmetics made with honey and other natural ingredients.

Best sellers:

  • Regenerating Morpho Cream