Sibu Costa Rica Food and Beverages
Sibu Costa Rica Food and Beverages


Founders: George Soriano and Julio Fernandez
Location: Escazú, Costa Rica
Founded in 2007

Sibu is a pioneer in making high quality chocolate with raw Costa Rican materials and European techniques, while keeping its practices environmentally and socially sustainable. It provides for 20 direct employees and so many other indirect jobs at cacao plantations in remote areas in Costa Rica.

Sustainability is Sibu´s main pillar and so, whatever they do they keep asking themselves: “are we doing enough”? From choosing the right suppliers (certified by Rainforest Alliance for good farming and neighborly practices), using cacao fiber from the bean´s shell for packaging each chocolate and working with certified organic plants, Sibu is most definitely taking sustainability many steps forward.

Best Seller:

  • Organic Chocolate Bar
  • Organic Chocolate Covered Fruits and Nuts
  • Organic Drinking Chocolate