Sueño y Arte por Jessi Costa Rica Home Art and Accessories

Sueño y Arte por Jessi

Founder: Jessica Schifter Kleiman

Location: San Rafael de Escazu, San Jose

Founded in 2019

Sueño y Arte was born out of Jessi´s passion for painting and art. She dreamed of her art and products being at everybody´s home and hence, Sueño y Arte was born. Her family encouraged her to learn more about choosing fabrics and sewing, and she felt more and more empowered throughout the process of building a business. Jessi wants to show the world that people with Down Syndrome can be entrepreneurs as well.

Jessi believes in hard work and is proud of being a person with Down Syndrome that works and gives to society. In fact, Sueño y Arte donates part of its proceeds to the Down Association in Costa Rica and the company generates work for 4 people that help in the making of each product.

Best Seller:

  • All Sueño y Arte pillows
  • All Sueño y Arte coasters