Costa Rica souvenirs by The Unit
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The Unit

Founders: Natalia Espinoza, Mariano Espinoza

Location: Santa Ana, San Jose

Founded in 2016

This dynamic duo is composed of two siblings, both talented in design. For years they worked separately: Natalia as graphic and publicity designer and Mariano as animator, until they realized they made a great synergy. Hence, The Unit was born as a company that specializes in branding, designing and animation. But besides designing for their clients, Mariano and Natalia always dreamed of having their own products to sell. On 2018 they ventured into the retail market: already known to them through their clients but a first time adventure as makers!

The Unit wants to “rescue” and preserve Urban San Jose of last century before it disappears. They draw and paint parks, neighborhoods and especially houses that had great importance in the past and elegance and that as times goes by, become unnoticed and forgotten.

By printing their art and making it available to everyone who loves architecture, culture and landscapes, they hope they are keeping Costa Rican culture and beauty alive for a very long time.


Best Seller:

  • One morning at San Jose
  • Pirie House