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Founder: Javier Elizondo

Location: San José, Costa Rica

Founded in 2017

Product Category: Books

Javier has always been a Nature lover. In one of his hiking trips, he stumbled upon hunters along Rio Blanco (White River) and then realized he would see hunters along many of the rivers he would cross. He inquired and found out hunters were there to capture animals that would approach the rivers for water and decided to launch a double purpose project: photograph Costa Rica´s waterfalls in the first ever Costa Rica waterfalls photography book, and hire the help of hunters to serve as guides for his book so that they would not need to hunt to earn a living.

The Waterfall Trails includes pictures of Costa Rican waterfalls and their stories. Some waterfalls were so remote that Javier and his team needed to camp for a few days in order to reach them. One waterfall they waited to photograph for 2 years, until its water´s PHD changed, and another waterfall carried a legend of a hidden treasure.

Best Sellers:

  • The Waterfall Trails