Founders: Stella Peralta, Marcela Yglesias
Location: Desamparados, San José
Founded in 2011

Stella and Marcela wanted to do something to solve the nagging problem of plastic bag waste so they decided to start researching various complex processes to give these bags a new life. This is how they came upon the process of thermo-fusion and Trash Lifestyle was born.

Their company has a direct impact on Costa Rica’s sustainability efforts as in just the past year they have been able to re-use 15.000 plastic bags and 500kgs (about 1102lbs) of thick plastic banner material. And even though the process of readying the material for its next stage (cleaning, ironing, cutting, and sewing) is very manual and though, the results are always gratifying.

Their goal is to use plastic bags and canvas to make fashionable every day products and to ultimately apply the 7 “r” in everything that Trash Lifestyle does: reuse, repurpose, rot, repair, return, refill and refuse for a more Sustainable Planet.

Best Seller:

  • Men’s and Women’s Wallets