Wagat Upcycling Lab
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Founders: Ximena Montealegre, Daniela Musmanni, Diana Raven, Montserrat Agüero

Location: Escazu, San Jose

Founded in 2018

The four long time friends had long time jobs at large companies. Two industrial engineers and two office managers who decided they wanted to make an impact in the world. They learned of a Dutch open source upcycling technique named Precious Plastic by which they could recycle plastic and convert it into utilitarian products beautiful to look at and useful as well!

The friends believe that upcycling is the planet’s future and they named their company Wagát, which means Green in one of Costa Rica’s indigenous languages: the boruca language. And they make sure their company is as green as it gets!

Wagát acquires the plastic it uses for its creations from friends and family and also large companies that waste tons of plastic per day. The process of upcycling takes effort and time: the plastic needs to be washed and dried first, then crushed and melted to be finally given its creative shape in an oven that was built by Wagát. The color of each product is given by the plastic that was used.

Best Seller:

  • Their flower pots