Xochilt Lezama Ceramista
Xochilt Lezama logo

Founder: Xochilt X Lezama

Location: Pavas, San Jose

Founded in 2012

Xochilt Lezama was studying Graphic Design at University of Costa Rica and because she’s always loved art and all things related, she took all the experimental classes she could find. The one she felt more passionate about was the ceramic workshop and that’s how she started making pieces that inspired her and kept her going to do more and more.

Xochilt Lezama · C started by selling its creations at crafts markets and eventually, was able to buy a proper oven and increase its production. Costa Rican nature inspires all creations and precisely because of this, the company takes care in applying environmentally friendly processes: it reuses ceramic residues, works under natural light whenever possible and uses ceramic tools instead of plastic.

Best Sellers:

  • White blue ceramic cup
  • Red flowers ceramic plate