Zazel Costa Rica Food and Beverages


Founders: Jacobo y Anat Lang
Location: San José, Costa Rica
Founded in 2013

Coby (Jacobo) loves Hot Sauce and Buffalo Wings, but because he is diabetic, he could not order his favorite food at restaurants where wings were breaded and prepared with sugary sauces. And so, he decided to experiment at home and when people starting praising his recipe: he launched into the hot sauce market with 3 great recipes, based on a gluten free, low sugar mix.

Zazel uses local producers and products, with one of these products being Chile Perro (Dog Chili) that grows in the area of Moravia and Tibas. And the company pays close attention to how their recipes interact with food. They believe in enhancing flavors rather than masking them and so the kick felt by their sauce builds up slowly to the point of being hot but still, tasty.

Coby and his daughter Anat dream of building Zazel as a company to stay in their family´s generations to come.

Best Seller:

  • Chile Diablo
  • Chile Perro