Experiencing flavors and scents of a country is essential to experiencing its culture.
Knowing how these flavors and scents were created makes that experience even richer.

Local Keeps brings you close to Costa Rica and its people by curating and recommending the finest expressions of every product we sell,
be it health and beauty,food and beverages, books, and other wonders.

We apply a thorough curation process. We meet each one of our makers (our suppliers), interview them, make sure they are passionate about what they do,
that they give back to their communities and that they carry out eco-friendly production and packaging processes.
Then, we test each product, each keep, to make sure they are of the highest quality and true to the country´s culture.



The large majority of our makers (our suppliers) are small companies and artisans who have been doing what they do for a long time,
with a lot of passion, eco-conscience and contribution to society,
but never having the possibility to get their awesome products to the world.
Local Keeps was created to fulfill the dreams of our makers to get their products everywhere, so that each person,
no matter where they are, can experience their awesomeness as well.

By purchasing our Local Keeps you get to smell, taste and experience a little of our country while contributing to our makers´ growth.



Galit Flasterstein

Curator and Founder

A former travel agent, Galit is CEO and one of
Local Keeps founders and the person who has experienced
firsthand Costa Rica´s culture through its  people and its products.
She is Local Keeps main curator and has tested over thousands of keeps.
She loves visiting crafts markets, green markets  and any kind of market, really!
She enjoys morning yoga sessions and quiet evenings,
and she loves meeting new makers and being inspired by their tenacity and passion.

Eric Scharf

Dreamer and Founder

An attorney by profession and a dreamer by nature.
Eric is not only one of Local Keeps founders but also the eternal
optimist who also has the ability to see “the big picture”.
He is thorough and detailed and the head of procedures.
Eric does not sleep much: for him, every hour of sleep
is a potential hour of missing out!
And Eric misses out on nothing: he volunteers at several large and small
organizations and works out every single day. 

Rachel ten Brink

Key Marketing Advisor

A Costa Rican living in New York, Rachel was recognized as
one of the Top 50 Latinx Leaders in the US,
has been both a startup leader and an investor,
and is Local Keeps’ marketing expert advisor: always savvy,
always ready to give the best input.
So many aha moments have come out of meetings with Rachel,
one loses track!

Viviana Jimenez

Head of Operations

Viviana is most definitely the most accountable person
you will ever meet! She goes through her work with a
wonderfully positive and even spiritual attitude and
no matter how tasking the day is,
she always finishes it with high marks.
Her kindness has earned the hearts of Local Keeps’ makers who
know that behind that gentleness they will also find
a person who expects quality and excellence.

Sofia Gonzalez

Web Content Editor


A unique combination of both structure and soul;
that is what you will find in Sofia!
She writes with passion and meaning,
but never losing sight of strategy and mission.
Sofia has a talent for putting us all to work harder,
in an organized way, always researching,
debating and learning to find the most suitable solution
for any enigma. She feeds our blogs with rich information and
our social media channels with beautiful thoughts.


Natalia and Mariano Espinoza

Brand Designers


Natalia and Mariano are both siblings and
successful business partners.
Their branding abilities and design expertise were essential to
Local Keeps´ birth and creation and are absolutely
indispensable in giving this enterprise the colors and vibes it needs.
One can often find them at their own designing studio, 
The Unit, or during photo shoots: Natalia is always game for modeling
Keeps in funny and unusual ways. Creativity is in their blood!


Martijn van Dooren

Web development team leader

Martijn and his team are exactly what one wishes to
find in a web developer: timely, accurate, transparent and 100% efficient.
Through his company, WX Digital Agency,
Martijn and his team have tweaked every
Local Keeps page to its finest,
making optimizing websites look like an easy game to play.
They are always open to new strategies and tactics and will
recommend best practices before any of us thinks to ask.

Mario Gomez


Every single product comes alive at Mario´s photo studio.
Each one of our keeps wants to tell a story,
Mario and his team at Blackpeppercr let that story be seen
through each image. At every photo session we get
the same magical result: stunning pictures that showcase
Local Keeps product´s beauty and value.


We at Local Keeps firmly believe that each country is
defined by it’s own identity.

That unique identity is expressed through local makers and
their products. For that reason we sought to represent this through
our branding and story in a simple yet memorable way,
bringing together two very recoginizable symbols
and creating our own.

The location pin and the fingerprint came together as one to
give life to Local Keeps and to the countries,
regions and communities that it represents.