vegan snacks

7 Practical Vegan Snacks For A Healthy Diet

Wed, May 06, 20

To keep you from spending a lot of time in the kitchen, here are a few snack ideas and products you won’t get enough of. You won’t get enough of these healthy vegan snacks!

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all natural dog treats

Training Your Pup With All Natural Dog Treats

Wed, May 06, 20

The first three months of the dog's life are essential to lay the foundations for proper cognitive, emotional and social development.

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collaborative economy

Working Together Towards a Collaborative Economy

Fri, May 08, 20

In a collaborative economy, strengthening the relationships between businesses helps strengthen the businesses themselves. ¿Yet what is a collaborative economy and how can Costa Rican local businesses benefit from it?

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best chocolate bars

Searching for the Best Chocolate Bars: An Interview With Sibú Chocolate

Mon, Apr 20, 20

George and Julio, the owners of Sibu Chocolate, sat with us for a quick chat and explained the process of making the best chocolate using a combination of local ingredients and sophisticated techniques.

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Coloring books for kids at Local Keeps

Fun Things to Do With Kids While Staying Home

Wed, Apr 08, 20

How can you spend quality time with your children, comply with your own responsibilities and keep some time for yourself?

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Healthy food online plan

The 8 Weight Loss Tips Towards a Healthy Lifestyle

Mon, Mar 16, 20

Losing weight and keeping it off over time requires making permanent changes in your daily routine. Here are eight simple changes you can include in your day-to-day life that can help you lose weight.

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Biking in Costa Rica

The Basics For Biking in Costa Rica

Mon, Mar 16, 20

There are bigger challenges people face when biking in a city. How can a person plan their routes appropriately? What are the most important safety measures a person must consider before riding their bike around a city like San José?

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Costa Rica Animals

6 Costa Rica Animals to That Are Too Cute to Handle

Fri, Mar 13, 20

Hundreds of artists, photographers and craftspeople have used fauna as an inspiration for their creation. Here, we’re posting some of our favorite mammals for your enjoyment!

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