Four Brewing Methods for Any Costa Rican Coffee Lover

Mon, Feb 17, 20

A good quality specialty coffee won’t work well without the appropriate brewing method. Find out here four basic ways of enjoying a great cup of coffee.

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Four Tips for Starting Your Own Skincare Routine

Mon, Feb 17, 20

Starting your own skincare routine shouldn’t be overly complicated. Here are a couple of useful tips for taking care of your skin using organic beauty products.

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Three Sweet Valentine’s Day Surprises with Costa Rican Chocolate

Fri, Feb 14, 20

What better way to celebrate love than with Costa Rican chocolate? Here are some sweet treats made with artisanal chocolate to pamper yourself or people around you.

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This is why you can enjoy your dark chocolate: guilt free!

Fri, Jan 24, 20

Cold sweats on days without chocolate are over! Eating dark chocolate is not only delicious but it can actually improve your health. Even make you lose weight!

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How is Costa Rica helping global environmental health

Sun, Jan 12, 20

What is Costa Rica known for? It is known for many amazing things including its passion for protecting the environment. Both government and people are in synch with becoming carbon neutral by the year 2050

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What inspired us on 2019

Fri, Dec 27, 19

2019 was the year we launched! The people we met and the stories we heard inspire us to continue growing and learning. Here are a few of our beloved stories.

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Handcrafted gifts are the best gifts ever!!!

Fri, Dec 20, 19

Why buy handcrafted gifts? Because you are buying quality and at the same time making an impact, providing jobs for the small entrepreneur and artisan. And you are buying unique.

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Essential Oils and Why Aromatherapy can change your life

Mon, Nov 18, 19

Current studies show that essential oils can alleviate pain, decrease stress and help you focus.

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