How is Costa Rica helping global environmental health

Sun, Jan 12, 20

What is Costa Rica known for? It is known for many amazing things including its passion for protecting the environment. Both government and people are in synch with becoming carbon neutral by the year 2050

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What inspired us on 2019

Fri, Dec 27, 19

2019 was the year we launched! The people we met and the stories we heard inspire us to continue growing and learning. Here are a few of our beloved stories.

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Handcrafted gifts are the best gifts ever!!!

Fri, Dec 20, 19

Why buy handcrafted gifts? Because you are buying quality and at the same time making an impact, providing jobs for the small entrepreneur and artisan. And you are buying unique.

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Essential Oils and Why Aromatherapy can change your life

Mon, Nov 18, 19

Current studies show that essential oils can alleviate pain, decrease stress and help you focus.

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Souvenir Museum- a hidden gem in Costa Rica

Tue, Oct 22, 19

Souvenir Museum features authentic handicrafts made in Costa Rica and offers a museum like tour through Costa Rican history. We recommend a visit to Souvenir Museum as part of your Costa Rican travel experience.

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Nourish yourself while nurturing the planet

Thu, Oct 10, 19

World Food Day is a reminder that we should care both for what we eat and where it came from. Costa Rica Food, Clothing and even Cosmetics such as Raw Botanicals, at Local Keeps, are made by conscious makers who care for the planet and their local communities.

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Costa Rica: Ideal destination for all world travelers

Fri, Sep 20, 19

If the reason you want to travel is to revitalize your mind and fill up with good energy, then you want to head to Costa Rica. “Pura Vida” is our way of seeing the world, of living, and we enjoy it to the fullest because we are lucky enough to live in a true tropical paradise.

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Our Kits are bundles full of ideas

Sat, Dec 08, 18

It’s the end of a long day of adventure in Costa Rica and you are exhausted, but  somehow extremely satisfied. What a great feeling! Discover how to make that feeling last longer and be even greater through Local Keeps

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