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About Local Keeps

What is Local Keeps?

Local Keeps is an online travel market. It’s purpose is to allow travelers and adventurers to fully experience the truthfulness of each country they visit through the work and creations of environmentally friendly local artisans and small companies.

Local Keeps curates and recommends the finest expressions of every locally made product, be it health and beauty, souvenirs, food, books, kid keeps or accessories.

What countries can I buy Keeps from?

As of now, you will be able to shop Costa Rican Keeps and find out more about Costa Rican Makers.

We will notify you as soon as more countries are added to the site.

What are Keeps?

Keeps are what we call the products you can purchase on the site. We call them Keeps because we feel they hold the essence of the country where it’s made, their Makers and its people. We do not sell in a country any foreign products.

Our Keeps are chosen for their authenticity, quality and their level of involvement in the community. They are environmentally friendly and socially conscious and they all tell a beautiful story of dreams that come true.

Who are the Makers?

Makers are the local artisans and small companies that produce or create Keeps. They are our partners in Local Keeps since it’s through their passionate work that we are able to offer the Costa Rican experience to travelers and adventurers.

Makers are chosen because they represent their country and it’s values. We choose Makers that have sustainable businesses, that create jobs in their communities and that really love what they do!

Who am I helping when I purchase through Local Keeps? When purchasing Keeps you are not only making your travel experience more intense and authentic, but at the same time you are socially responsible by contributing with the development of small local artisans and producers, with the environment and with other social causes Local Keeps participates in.

What is a Kit?

A Kit is a collection of Keeps that belong to the same theme. We have kits for home decoration, for beach days, for kids, BBQ-ing and a lot of other themes.

Kits are curated and include the best products in each category which are bundled together.



All the shipping, either locally or internationally, is made through UPS

When will my items ship?

Some Makers are small companies that produce the Keeps as they are ordered. Some others have inventory. Your Keeps will be shipped as soon as production and delivery by Makers is complete. This should be taken into account for estimation of delivery time.

If a Keep is not in stock at the time you place your Order, we will notify you and refund you the total amount of such Keep. Does Local Keeps deliver internationally? We sell and ship Keeps both within the country of your travel destination and abroad, to your home address or any other shipping address, with the exceptions to be indicated by our website when making an order.

When can I make an order of Keeps?

You have various options when shopping Local Keeps:

If you are planning on traveling to Costa Rica and would like to enjoy the Keeps during your stay, you can purchase them before you travel and have them shipped to the hotel or location of your choice in Costa Rica. If you are already in Costa Rica and would like to receive your order while you are there, you can have the items delivered to the address of your choice in Costa Rica.

If at any stage during, before or after your trip you would like your packages delivered to your home internationally, you can specify the address anywhere in the world and receive your order there.

Payment Methods and Processing

Local Keeps accepts all major credit cards. Order processing will not begin until we receive all the information we need for such purposes. We process credit card payments after you click the "Submit My Order" button.

Once payment has been processed, we will email an invoice to you with your Order Confirmation. Does my purchase include taxes? Local Keeps purchases include local sales tax, but do not include customs and export taxes when shipping abroad, which will have to be paid by you when receiving the package.


Gift Card And Promo Codes

What is a Gift Card?

Can I buy a gift card as a present for a someone else? “Gift Card” means an electronic or physical card that has prepaid currency loaded onto it to be spent on Local Keeps to purchase Keeps.

Gift cards are not redeemable for cash and cannot be used to purchase other gift cards or other tender. Gift cards cannot be exchanged.

How do I redeem my Gift Card?

Gift cards must be redeemed at localkeeps.com.

Gift cards will be sent with a “coupon code” that you will use in the checkout page when you are ready to buy Keeps.

Can I use partial credit on a Gift Card and save the rest for later?

The total amount of the Gift card value can only be used in one transaction. Unused credit in such one transaction will be lost.

Can I pay for an order that exceeds the Gift Card amount?

If purchase exceeds the gift card amount, the balance must be paid by other available payment options.


Returns And Refunds

Can I return a damaged item?

If a Keep has a defect, you are entitled to;

- rejecting the Keep and receive a refund; or - rejecting the Keep and receive a replacement or another Keep

How can I return a defective Keep?

If a Keep is defective, you should contact our Customer Service and a Local Keeps Customer Service Representative will assist you. A photo and/or video of the Keep is mandatory and will be requested to assist with the assessment of your claim.

What if I change my mind about a purchase?

The refund and/or replacement policy shall not apply if you change your mind about a purchase or made an incorrect choice when purchasing.

Products Warranties

Local Keeps offers you the same warranty offered by the Makers of each product. You might also be serviced and supported directly by the Maker, when available for specific products.

Other Terms and Conditions

Please feel free to read Local Keeps’ other terms and conditions here.