Refund & Replacement Policy

If a Product has a defect, you are entitled to the following Terms and Conditions for returning Products:

reject the Product and receive a refund; or

reject the Product and receive an identical replacement, or one of similar value if reasonably available. In this second case, you will only have to assume the shipping cost of the replacement Product.

If you think that a Product is defective, you should contact our Customer Service and a Local Keeps Customer Service Representative will assist you. A photo and/or video of the Product is mandatory and will be requested to assist with the assessment of your claim.

If Local Keeps confirms that a Product is defective based on the proves you provide to us, you assume the obligation to destroy and discharge the defective Product -unless instructed by us otherwise, including the need to return the Product to us, which you agree to comply with-, regardless of whether you requested and we approved a Product replacement or a refund.

The refund and/or replacement policy shall not apply if you change your mind about a purchase or made an incorrect choice when purchasing. The refund and/or replacement policy shall also not apply if you do not follow the procedures stated in the Terms and Conditions.

For further information about this topic, please refer to the full Terms and Conditions.

Refund And Replacement Form