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Roble Rojo

Cajeta Sampler (original and coconut)

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One of Costa Rica´s most iconic fair treats, the "cajeta" is so sweet, it will feel as though Dulce de Leche has exploded in your mouth! Incredibly enough, though, Roble Rojo´s cajetas have 20% less sugar than most cajetas and yet, it is plenty sweet for anybody´s sweet tooth!

Includes 4 cajetas



INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Dulce de Leche (Whole milk, sugar, glucose, sodium bicarbonate (regulator of acidity), potassium sorbate (preservative)), peanuts (5%) (only cajeta with peanuts), dehydrated coconut (5%) (only cajeta with coconut)
Dimensions: 13 x 7 x 3.2 cm


8 days

Cajeta Sampler (original and coconut)Cajeta Sampler (original and coconut)Cajeta Sampler (original and coconut)Cajeta Sampler (original and coconut)

About the makers

Three engineers that dreamed of having their own enterprise and creating more jobs in their community launched a business they had no experience in: making Dulce de Leche and lots of sweet goods. The name came from their homeland, the recipe from their passion for delicious delicacies