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Caramel Candied Pineapple

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Candied Pineapple: golden dehydrated pineapple. It is chewy and kind of juicy. This is one of our favorite sweet snacks. Natural product. No preservatives were added. Sustainably made.


Pineapple, sugar.
2.64 oz (75 grs)


3 - 5 business days

Caramel Candied PineappleCaramel Candied Pineapple

About the makers

Dulcis was created as a way of generating funds for the non-profit Fruktus, which is dedicated to improve the quality of life of communities dedicated to the production of pineapple and banana in Limón, Costa Rica. Esteban and Andres created Dulcis with the chocolate and dried fruit lovers in mind.