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Crafted Body Cream - Lemongrass

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This rich body cream glides over your skin and seals moisture. Scents are delicious and last all day long. Made with Essential Oils. 

On your skin: stimulates blood circulation, good for cellulite and stretch marks of pregnancy. One of the best deodorizers that fights bacteria and bad odor. Citrus aroma repels insects.
Fights acne, relieves muscle, joint and ligament pain
On your emotions: develops positive energies in the environment, antidepressant


Demineralized water, stearic acid, avocado oil, emulsifying wax, shea butter, essential oil lemongrass
6.7 x 3 in (17 x 8 cm)


3 - 5 business days

Crafted Body Cream - LemongrassCrafted Body Cream - LemongrassCrafted Body Cream - Lemongrass

About the makers

What started as a hobbie for Adriana became a passion and a full time business producing beauty care products with natural ingredients and/or essential oils that are gluten free, cruelty free and don’t produce toxic waste of any kind.