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Olive Oil and Spices

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100% Natural olive oil with hot spices. Helps regulate sugar levels, hydrates skin, prevents cardiovascular illnesses, stimulates metabolism and reduces arterial pressure. Can be used as a marinade, to stir-fry, as dressing, to flavor your foods.


Olive oil, Panamanian chile, jalapeño pepper, chile de árbol, leaf of laurel, pepper, garlic and rosemary


3 - 5 business days

Olive Oil and SpicesOlive Oil and SpicesOlive Oil and SpicesOlive Oil and SpicesOlive Oil and Spices

About the makers

Maripaz, the founder, is a nutritionist and chef and her mission in life is to teach people how to eat deliciously in a way that is also great for her health. She originally made infused olive oil for her clients but the word spread and she now sells through 19 retail locations in the country. The brand uses Costa Rican flavors to turn an ancient non-native product into a modern one with Costa Rican essence.