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Lemongrass: Pineapple - Mango - Lemongrass

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These delicate and yet full bodied infusions are made with dehydrated Costa Rica fruits and herbs. Each bag is meant for one cup of tea. Once you´ve finished sipping: enjoy eating the fruit! No sugar, preservatives or flavor enhancers added. This infusion tea includes pineapple slices, mango and lemongrass. Kosher certified

Includes 3 sachet bags


Dehydrated fruits and herbs. Pineapple - mango - lemongrass


3 - 5 business days

Lemongrass: Pineapple - Mango - LemongrassLemongrass: Pineapple - Mango - LemongrassLemongrass: Pineapple - Mango - Lemongrass

About the makers

Named after a nickname given by her grandmother, Bibelot adds value to their infusions both because they are gluten free and vegan and because you can eat the fruit, which lowers waste and contamination.