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Costa Rica Volcanoes

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Over 20 of Costa Rica´s volcanoes are pictured here. A compilation of craters, lagoons and breathtaking landscapes, by the Pucci brothers. The texts of Jaime Gamboa include information on the volcanoes names, history, legends and tales. Part of Pucci´s Costa Rica books

Bilingual text: English and Spanish


7.5 x 0.8 x 7.2 in (19 x 2 x 18 cm)


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Costa Rica VolcanoesCosta Rica VolcanoesCosta Rica Volcanoes

About the makers

The two brothers who founded Pucci have a mission to create purposeful products, made responsibly, that connect a people and visitors to a country. Their books show off their photographic skills, portraying the country in a very unique way, allowing that to be a driving in force in the protection of the beautiful country.