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Costa Rica From Above (Landscapes in Time)

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With more than 200 unpublished images, the second volume of Costa Rica from Above reflects the transformation of a territory and its inhabitants, as well as the artistic evolution of two photographers whose workshop is the Costa Rican sky. The visual work of brothers Giancarlo and Sergio Pucci is complemented by the text, written by Jaime Gamboa. All images were taken on flight from small planes, helicopters, ultralights and gyrocopters. NO DRONES were used.

Bilingual text: English and Spanish


10.2 x 1.1 x 12 in (26 x 2.7 x 30.4 cm)


5 - 7 business days

Costa Rica From Above (Landscapes in Time)Costa Rica From Above (Landscapes in Time)Costa Rica From Above (Landscapes in Time)

About the makers

The two brothers who founded Pucci have a mission to create purposeful products, made responsibly, that connect a people and visitors to a country. Their books show off their photographic skills, portraying the country in a very unique way, allowing that to be a driving in force in the protection of the beautiful country.